Chakra Healing

Aude Publishing | 9781707865055 | 176 pages | 5 x 0.4 x 8 inches

As someone who has been interested in Spirituality from a young age, I know all the problems you go through as a typical ‘Spiritual Seeker.’ A lot of us want to jump in at the deep end without learning to swim, what the Chakra system shows us is the keys to creating balance in ALL areas of life.

Within each of us are powerful energy centers called Chakras, and each of them holds the potential for IMMENSE healing and restoration. However, actually learning the practical ways to harness this energy is completely different to simply reciting the names and colors of them. Instead, what I now focus on when I teach people is a practical guide to completely opening, balancing and healing all 7 Chakras in a step-by-step manner that ANYBODY could understand. This book will not only teach you the essential information you MUST know, but most importantly outlines exactly how and why each Chakra must be opened and balanced for a life lived in complete harmony. Here’s just some of what you will discover inside…

  • The EXACT exercises to help you open EVERY Chakra in a step-by-step manner.
  • 5 must-know tips for opening your Third Eye.
  • 7 Essential Meditation techniques for opening your Chakras.
  • The truth about crystals and opening your Chakras.
  • One secret, used by ancient Yogis, to help you finally open your crown Chakra.
  • The startling ways to SKYROCKET your creativity by utilizing these 3 methods.
  • How to heal your Root Chakra in less time than you believed possible.
  • The Amazing ways to transcend duality and see exactly what your True Nature really is (Hint: It’s not you think).
  • How to pinpoint exactly what ‘Chakra Blockages’ you are facing and the crucial techniques to properly healing them.
  • How your addictions could be due to an unbalanced Chakra and why 99% of us still NEED to heal multiple Chakras.
  • Proven strategies for healing EVERY ailment you face using effective Chakra healing techniques.