Crypto Technical Analysis

Cryptocurrency & Investing Analysis / Investing
Aude Publishing | 978-1087977324 | 266 pages | 6 x 0.72 x 9 inches

Technical Analysis is the ability to recognize order in chaos; to identify hidden patterns, and to turn such patterns into profit. In combination with the volatile and exploding market of cryptocurrency, technical analysis is a powerful skillset to acquire and develop for all investors. Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis is the most complete and comprehensible book about crypto technical analysis on the market, written for beginner and intermediate investors.

The book delves into the following:
·       Technical Analysis
·       Fundamental Analysis
·       Trend Trading
·       Coin and Token Analysis
·       Algorithmic Trading
·       Investing Psychology
·       And more!
Crypto Technical Analysis by Alan John and Jon Law is the only book on the market to apply technical analysis to cryptocurrency markets. In addition to dominating the cryptocurrency technical analysis market, it ranks among the top books in the world on the subjects of cryptocurrency analysis and cryptocurrency fundamental analysis. Not available for Vietnamese nor Thai translation rights.